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Dealing Dogs

Dealing Dogs explores the dark world of animal abuse.
HBO America Undercover
Produced and Directed by Tom Simon and Sarah Teale

Each year thousands of dogs are bought by research labs and veterinary schools from "Class B" dealers who, although licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, have been known to violate laws meant to protect the animals. In 2002, Last Chance for Animals, a small U.S. animal-rights organization, placed one of its investigators "Pete" undercover inside Martin Creek Kennel, one of America's largest and most notorious "Class B" dealers of dogs sold for research. This brutally revealing HBO America Undercover Film chronicles Pete's daunting, highly dangerous undercover operation as well as its aftermath, when Last Chance for Animals shared its findings with federal authorities in an attempt to shut down Martin Creek Kennel—and save the dogs being mistreated there.

Awards for Dealing Dogs:

  • 2007 Genesis Awards Winner: Outstanding Cable Documentary
  • 2007 Emmy Nominee: Best Cable Documentary
  • 2007 Emmy Nominee: Outstanding Investigative Journalism - Long Form

Press for Dealing Dogs:

"A Howlin' Shame" - listen to the interview with Producers Sarah Teale and Tom Simon on the
Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC New York Public Radio

HBO Interviews Producers Sarah Teale and Tom Simon

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