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Teale-Edwards is expanding its content into the realm of feature film with several projects in development.

In Development with HBO

Kasaun Henry is a Harlem-born African-American, living in a modest apartment with his mother, Ann, a preacher at the local crackhouse parish, and his delinquent sister's three children. Read more...
In Development

Joyride is a coming-of-age, road movie set in Cambodia during the time of the Vietnam War and it is loosely based on the story of Sean Flynn, the war photographer and Errol Flynn's son, who set off to the front on a motorcycle and was never seen again. Read more...
Produced by Sarah Teale
Directed by Nela Wagman

Dr. Anna Lowell is given a top-secret, highly sensitive and magnetic package to deliver with one condition—it cannot touch metal. Read more...

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