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Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy explores the glitch in America's electronic voting system.
HBO Documentary Films
Executive Produced by Sarah Teale and Sian Edwards
Produced and Directed by Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels, and Robert Cohen

Who really counts America's votes? This HBO documentary answers that question, following Bev Harris' in-depth investigation of our country's voting machines. With the help of several likeminded activists and computer scientists, this resourceful grandmother shows that the machines can easily be hacked and their tallies altered. You will witness the unraveling of our voting system, and what you will learn will shock and spur you to action.

The DVD of Hacking Democracy is available for purchase from New Video.

Video clips from Hacking Democracy:

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Awards for Hacking Democracy:

  • 2007 Emmy Nominee: Outstanding Investigative Journalism - Long Form

Press for Hacking Democracy:

Read the New York Times Review

HBO interviews Producer Sarah Teale

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